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K&D Company is committed to achieving and sustaining a reputation as a World Class Supplier to major manufacturing companies throughout the world. In keeping with this goal, an effective and timely Quality System shall be maintained. The focus of this program is the control of variation, elimination of defects through prevention, and achieving a process of continuous improvement.


History of K&D Company

K&D started as a family-owned contract machine shop in 1949.  Once the technology of electron beam welding came to the U.S., K&D began investing in it and can now claim to have 50 years of experience with it.  In 2014, the remaining family of the original owners elected to sell the assets of the business.  Under the new ownership, there is a renewed commitment to retain all of the old customers as well as to aggressively develop relationships with new ones.  There is a new emphasis to provide support and shorten lead times.  We know that even a week of welding time can be too long.  Everything we do is focused on getting the parts turned around and back into the hands of our customers.  All the while, we understand the importance of high quality and competitive pricing. 

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